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Take Notes with Scratch Pad

Use the Scratch Pad to keep notes associated with a session. From the task pane you can print or save the Scratch Pad notes as .RTF or .TXT files.

To reopen the file later, it must be saved in a trusted location.

To take notes with Scratch Pad

  1. Open the Reflection Scratch Pad as follows:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this...

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Ribbon

    On the Session ribbon, from the Productivity group, click the Scratch Pad button.

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Browser

    On the Reflection menu, choose View, and then Scratch Pad.

  2. Type your notes into the Scratch Pad.
  3. Save your notes by clicking the Save As toolbar button.

The following commands are also available from the toolbar in the Scratch Pad task pane (You can also use common keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+A, CTRL+C, and so on):


To do this


Save the contents of the Scratch Pad task pane as a Rich Text File (.RTF) or as plain text (.TXT). When you close your session, your Scratch Pad is not maintained unless you save it to a separate file.


Open any .RTF or .TXT file.

The file must be in a trusted location.


Print the contents of the Scratch Pad.


Cut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard.


Copy the selected item to the Clipboard.


Paste the contents of the Clipboard at the cursor location on the Scratch Pad.

Clear All

Clear all of the contents at once.


Put the task pane into auto-hide mode. This collapses the task pane against the side of the application frame. (To re-open the task pane, mouse over the side of the frame.)

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