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Configure Productivity Defaults Dialog Box

Getting there

Use this settings page to enable or disable certain Productivity features for the current session.

Note: VT sessions support only Office Tools integration, Scratch Pad, and the manual capture function of Screen History. Other productivity features are not available with VT sessions.

Default Productivity Settings


Enable Recent Typing

Select to enable this feature.

Using the Recent Typing gallery or task pane, you can quickly view and select from a list of recently typed items, and send the selected string to the active document. This eliminates the need to manually re-enter information, saving time, and reducing errors when entering commonly-typed commands or field data.


Enable Auto Complete

Select to enable this feature.

The Auto Complete feature recalls what you type, and automatically makes suggestions to help populate fields as it learns common commands that are repeated. By default, typing is saved with the screen location, and suggested when you type at that screen location again.


Enable Auto Expand

Select to enable this feature.

Use the Auto Expand feature to add acronyms or shortcuts for long words, phrases, or complex repeat commands. The shortcut, when typed and followed by the Spacebar, automatically expands to the full word or phrase.


Enable Spell Check

Select to enable this feature. Clearing this check box disables both automatic and manual spell check.

Note: Spell check is not supported for Japanese.

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