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Enter Data with Auto Complete

The Auto Complete feature recalls what you type, and automatically makes suggestions to help populate fields as it learns common commands that are repeated. By default, typing is saved with the screen location, and suggested when you type at that screen location again.

Note: Auto Complete does not record typing in hidden-text fields such as passwords, nor does it offer suggestions to complete typing in such fields.

To enter data with Auto Complete, you must first have some suggestion data saved with your session. To generate suggestion data, type a string into a host field, followed by a Spacebar or a host key (Tab, field exit, AID key, and so on). The data is associated only with the field in which it was entered, unless you are configured to use field independent Auto Complete (select the Make Suggestions from All Screen Data option on the Configure Auto Complete dialog box).

This feature is not available with VT sessions.

To enter data with Auto Complete

  1. Begin typing text into a host field.

    A pop-up window may appear with one or more suggestions, depending on your Auto Complete configuration and previous data entry activity.

  2. If the suggestion is correct, press the ENTER key to input the data.


    If there are multiple suggestions, use the Up and Down Arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the suggestion list.

  3. (Optional) To prevent the active suggestion from being suggested again in the current field, press the ESC key.

    As you continue typing, the pop-up window will remain open until the word being typed no longer matches any previous suggestion data.

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