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Prevent Character Translation

Character translation is the conversion of one character set to another. You should disable character translation if the host already generates characters in the correct character set for your printer, and your printer is not configured for the default IBM PC code page 437 character set.

The Disable printer translation option has little, if any, effect on screen printing or logging. When Reflection receives characters from the host, it automatically converts these characters to the ANSI character set before displaying them in Windows. The translation has already taken place before you either turn on logging or print the screen contents. Therefore, this setting is only relevant for host applications that print in controller mode. In this mode, Reflection does not know in advance what the host will be sending and does not perform automatic translation.

To prevent character translation

  1. From the Quick Access Toolbar, click Print, and then, in the Print dialog box, click Setup.
  2. Select Bypass Windows print driver.
  3. Select Disable printer translation.

    Characters will be printed exactly the way they arrive from the host.

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