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Print Setup Dialog Box

Getting there

Any configuration you perform is saved with your session document.



Select a printer from this list of printers currently connected to your computer.


Click to set printer-specific options.

Status, Type, Where, Comment

These read-only fields describe the selected printer.

Print to file

Create an ASCII text file, and translate line-drawing characters to their closest ANSI equivalent.

Print output to

Type the path and filename for the output file.

Unless you change the path or filename, output continues to be appended to this file each time you perform a print function.

Bypass Windows print driver

Select to send raw data (including printer control escape codes) directly to your printer. Output is sent to the printer immediately, instead of waiting for a whole page of information, and the Windows printing interface is bypassed.

If you're bypassing Windows printing to a PostScript printer, the results may not be what you expect. PostScript printers are controlled by PostScript commands, which are typically sent to the printer from a PostScript printer driver.

You cannot bypass the Windows print driver when you are printing to a file.

Disable printer translation

If you are bypassing the Windows print driver, you can also disable printer translation. Characters will be printed exactly the way they arrive from the host.

You should disable character translation if the host already generates characters in the correct character set for your printer, and your printer is not configured for the default IBM PC code page 437 character set.

The Disable printer translation option has little, if any, effect on screen printing or logging. When Reflection receives characters from the host, it automatically converts these characters to the ANSI character set before displaying them in Windows. The translation has already taken place before you either turn on logging or print the screen contents. Therefore, this setting is only relevant for host applications that print in controller mode. In this mode, Reflection does not know in advance what the host will be sending and does not perform automatic translation.

Print ANSI color background

By default, the ANSI background is not printed; a potential savings on printer toner because the ANSI background is often black. To reverse this, select the Print ANSI color background option.

This feature is available only when printing to a printer using a Windows print driver.


Digital LA210 emulation

The LA210 is a type of Digital printer that supports a series of escape sequences for setting the number of columns and rows per page. Reflection intercepts the escape sequences and changes the font to emulate the number of columns or rows. This option controls whether Reflection translates data when a pass-through method of printing, such as printer controller mode, is being used. If your host software understands PC printers, select this option.

This feature is available only when printing to a printer using a Windows print driver.

Auto formfeed

By selecting this option, an FF character is generated after a print event. Clear this option and the Bypass Windows print driver option if you do not want Reflection to eject the page after printing. For example, you may not want a form feed generated when you print multiple selections (using the Selection option under Print Range in the Print dialog box).

Clearing this setting can also be useful if your host program sends a series of open printer and close printer escape sequences.


Click to connect to a shared network printer.

Close printer


Select to keep the printer open until you close it manually by clicking the Close Printer button; otherwise, the printer closes when the print job is finished.

After X seconds

Select to close the printer automatically after the amount of time you specify. The value you enter here determines how long Reflection waits after a host print job is completed before automatically closing the printer.

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