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Log Data from a VT Session

Output is not written to disk or sent to the printer until you (or the host) stop logging.

To configure logging

  1. Open a VT terminal session.
  2. Open the Logging Settings dialog box as follows:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this...

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Ribbon

    From the Tools ribbon, in the Logging group, click the Logging Settings launcher: Launcher button image

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Browser

    In the search box, enter L and then, under Actions, select LoggingLogging.

  3. Under Log output to, select an output option.
    • To select and configure a printer, click Print Setup.


    • To log to a file, select Disk, and then type the path and filename for the output file.
  4. Click OK.

To start logging

  1. Open a VT terminal session.
  2. Click the Tools ribbon.
  3. From the Logging group, click Start Logging.