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Logging Dialog Box

Getting there

Use this dialog box to configure logging and to enable serial device-to-host communications.

The options are:

Log Output To



The printer selected in Print Setup is displayed.

Print Setup

Click to control printer settings that apply only to Reflection, or to select a different Windows printer.



Select to send output to a file instead of a printer. Type the path and filename for the output file.

Create an ASCII text file, and translate line-drawing characters to their closest ANSI equivalent.


Serial device

Select to send output to the bidirectional serial device connected to the configured serial port. For more information, see the topic Automatically Enabling Serial Device-to-Host Communications.

Note: The Serial device option is not used for typical printing, even if you have your Windows printer on the serial port. This option is only used for devices on serial ports, such as bar-code readers, which need to send information back and forth between the host and the device, through Reflection.


Click to select and configure a serial port.

The Configure button from the Terminal Setup Advanced Options dialog box is equivalent to the Configure button from the Logging Settings dialog box. You can use the button from either dialog box to configure your serial device port.

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