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Configure Printer Session Settings

Using Reflection printer sessions, you can print host jobs using your Windows printer.

To configure printer session settings

  1. Open a printer session.
  2. Configure settings using any of the following:


    From the printer panel, do this

    Configure the connection to an IBM host

    From the Connection menu, choose Session Setup.

    The Session Setup dialog box appears.

    Configure host-related printing options

    Click Setup.

    The Printer Session Setup dialog box appears.

    Configure the way text and images are arranged on the page

    From the File menu, choose Page Setup.

    Select a printer or configure printer properties

    From the File menu, choose Print Setup.

    View a complete list of current printing settings

    From the Setup menu, choose View Settings.

  3. To save the changes to your printer session file, from the printer panel, from the File menu, choose Save.

    Printer session files use a *.rsf file extension.

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