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Font Mapping (5250 Printer Sessions)

You can map local printer fonts to typestyle IDs used in AS/400 documents. You can then insert these typestyle IDs into source documents on the AS/400, and assign various font, style, and size configurations to these typestyle IDs.

If you don't map typestyle IDs to fonts, Reflection attempts to match the font. However, the output may only approximate what is specified in the documents.

To map a typestyle ID to a font

  1. Open a 5250 printer session.
  2. From the printer panel, click the Setup button.
  3. From the Printer Session Setup dialog box, click the Font mapping button.
  4. From the Fonts dialog box, type a number in the Typestyle ID text box.
  5. Select a font, font size, and font style.
  6. Click Map font to ID.

A line similar to the following is added to the Mapped fonts box:

Mapped typestyle ID example

In this case, the display shows that text associated with typestyle ID 151 will be printed in 10-point Courier, in a regular style (that is, neither bold nor italic).

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