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Fonts Dialog Box

Getting there

The options are:

Typestyle ID

Select a typestyle ID used in your AS/400 documents to map to a local Windows font.



Select a local Windows font to map to the selected typestyle ID.



Select a size to map to.

Font style

Select a style to map to. The styles available depend on the font selected.



A sample of the local Windows font is displayed when a font, size, and style have all been specified.



Select a language script to make the character set for that language available. The scripts available depend on the font selected.


Mapped fonts

This list displays all of the fonts you have mapped for the current session.


Map font to ID

With a typestyle ID selected, and a local Windows font, size, and style selected, click this button to map the font to the ID.

Clear font mapping

To delete a mapping, select an item from the Mapped fonts list, and then click this button.

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