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Creating and Using Macros

In Reflection, you can create and run Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros to simplify and automate routine tasks. You can create these macros two ways:

  • Click Record Macro, perform the tasks you want to automate, and then save the recorded steps in a macro.

    Use this method to create simple macros that automate interaction with host applications. (You cannot record interaction with Web applications or interaction with Reflection settings.)

  • Open the Visual Basic Editor and type in the commands for the macro.

    Use this method to create complex macros that perform Reflection actions and interact with other applications.

A common approach for creating a macro is to record it and then fine-tune it using the Visual Basic Editor. For more information about editing and programming macros, see the Reflection VBA Guide (Help > VBA Guide).

In this section

Run a Macro

Create a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor

Record a Macro

Edit a Macro

Run a Startup Macro

Set up Macros that run before or after a host connection

Naming Macros

Recording Complete Dialog Box