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Reflection Key Agent

The Reflection Key Agent is a tool for creating and managing Secure Shell user keys. The Key Agent:

  • Stores keys securely in encrypted form.
  • Enables you to access all stored keys and certificates with a single passphrase. Because keys are decrypted and stored in memory, only your initial passphrase is required. The agent handles all subsequent authentication using your stored keys and certificates.
  • Supports agent forwarding to additional Secure Shell servers. This enables public key authentication to be used for additional Secure Shell connections without transporting the private key.
  • Provides tools for key and certificate management including: creating new keys, importing existing keys, importing certificates from the Windows and Reflection certificate stores, deleting keys, and uploading the public key file to a specified server in the appropriate format.
  • Maintains a log file to aid in troubleshooting.

In this Section

Start the Key Agent

Configure Reflection to Authenticate Using the Key Agent

Managing Keys and Certificates

Working with the Key Agent