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Set Values for Ticket-Granting Tickets

You must specify the default values of all ticket-granting tickets for new principal profiles on the Realm Defaults tab. Changing the default value doesn't affect the ticket values for existing principal profiles.

The KDC (Key Distribution Center) ultimately determines the lifetime of a Kerberos ticket. The KDC can be configured to allow ticket lifetimes within a certain range, and overrides your request if it falls outside of the allowed range. (To get a TGT, you must authenticate to the host.)

Note: You can modify the settings for a current ticket in the Authenticate dialog box when you obtain a new ticket.

To set the default values for all tickets issued for a realm

  1. Start Kerberos Manager.
  2. From the Configuration menu, choose Configure Realms.
  3. From the Configuration tab, select a realm from the Realm list, and then click Properties.
  4. Click the Realm Defaults tab.
  5. Specify a value for Ticket lifetime.
  6. Select the Forwardable check box to enable ticket forwarding.
  7. Specify a value for Ticket renew time, and then click OK.
  8. Click OK.

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