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Configuring and Managing Kerberos Realms

You must specify the realm that contains the principals and Kerberos authentication services for the network.

Note: If the Configure Realms command is unavailable (dimmed), your system administrator has disabled this capability. Contact your system administrator for information about how to add or change the realms you may use.

In this Section

Add or Remove a Realm

Specify the Default Realm

Add or Remove a KDC from a Realm

Specify the Administrative KDC for a Realm

Add or Remove an Application Server from a Realm

Configure a Realm to Use Windows Logon Credentials

Configure a Realm to Use Leash32 Credentials

Disable Pre-authentication

Change your Password

Add Realm Dialog Box

Add Host to Realm Dialog Box

Add KDC Dialog Box

Configuration Tab (Configuration Dialog Box)

Realm Defaults Tab (Realm Properties Dialog Box)

KDC Tab (Realm Properties Dialog Box)

User Defaults Tab (Configuration Dialog Box)

Hosts Tab (Realm Properties Dialog Box)