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Change your Password

An administrative KDC (Kadmin server) must be designated for a realm before you can change the password for a principal profile on that realm.

To change a password in Kerberos Manager

  1. Start Kerberos Manager.
  2. Click the tab for the principal profile for which you want to change the password. If the principal profile you want is hidden, you will need to open it.
  3. From the Tools menu, choose Change Password. Confirm that you are changing the password for the correct principal.
  4. Type the old password, the new password, and then type the new password again for verification.
  5. Click OK.

Note for system administrators: If you use MIT Kerberos 5 (Release 1) servers, or other compatible servers, the Kerberos client automatically tries to change the password using the kpasswd method (using service principal kadmin/changepw@REALM). If this fails, the client then tries the v5passwdd method (using service principal changepw/REALM@REALM).

If you use the older v5passwd client, the MIT KDC system must run v5passwdd, which isn't installed by default. If you need to specify the port on which the v5passwdd daemon is running, edit the Services file, located in the Windows folder in the \system32\drivers\ folder, to add a line similar to the following:

kerberos-adm [port_number]/tcp

If the daemon runs on port 1000, for example, add the line:

kerberos-adm 1000/tcp