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Open a Web Session

Reflection includes an integrated browser based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, allowing you to open a Web page in a tab in the Reflection workspace.

To create a Web session document

  1. From the Quick Access toolbar, click the New Document Save button.
  2. From the Create New Document dialog box, select Web, and then click Create.
  3. From the Create New Web Session Document dialog box, under URL, type the address of the Web page you want to open.

    It is not necessary to type "http://" before the address.

  4. Click OK.
  5. From the Quick Access toolbar, click the Save button.

The Web page specified will open within the workspace just like a terminal session document, except that the Ribbon will have only one tab. This Ribbon tab shows which application features work within Web pages (Clipboard and Macro), and includes a Navigation group with typical browser controls such as Back and Home buttons.

You can open the same Web page later by clicking the Open button on the Quick Access toolbar.

Using the Integrated Browser

One of the main benefits of having an integrated browser is the ability to incorporate Web pages into automated tasks. For example, you could create a macro that copies data from an address field in a customer database on the host, and then pastes that data into a roadmap Web site such as, and then display a map to a customer site automatically.

Another key benefit it offers is the automated inclusion of Web sites in your daily workspace. By saving a Web page document with one or more session documents in a Reflection layout, you can instantly create a custom workspace to meet a particular business need. For more information, see the Create or Modify a Layout topic.

The integrated browser in Reflection is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, and many of its important features are only accessible through Internet Explorer settings; for example, Internet Explorer security and home page settings affect the Reflection browser.

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