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Accept license agreement and define session metering options for installation

Getting there

Select the check box to accept the license agreement on behalf of users

To configure a transform, you must accept the product license on behalf of your users.

Volume Purchase Agreement

For some products you can enter a Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) number.

Note: VPA numbers are issued by Attachmate, to allow customer support to expedite service requests.

Session Metering

Enables metering at install time and sets the host URL for the metering software. This enables an administrator to monitor use and ensure licensing compliance.

To use metering, you will need a metering server, which is available as part of several Attachmate products.When the customized package is installed at the workstation, metering information is placed in the workstation registries, and the workstations are configured to report to the metering server.

Note: Metering options can also be configured with Group Policy installation. Group Policy settings take precedence over installed settings.


Metering URL

Specifies the URL of the Metering Server.


Require Metering

Requires Reflection to connect to the metering server before it runs. If it cannot connect, it doesn't run. If this option is cleared and Reflection is launched when the server is unavailable, Reflection runs, but the session is not metered and license limits are not enforced.