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Syntax: continue [on | off]

FTP Command Index

The CONTINUE command instructs Reflection FTP to ignore errors that occur during a wildcard file transfer initiated at the FTP command line. File transfer proceed as though no error occurred, until all files satisfying the wildcard specification have been transferred.

CONTINUE with no arguments tells Reflection FTP to ignore an error in the next MGET or MPUT command only.

The CONTINUE command only applies to the series of commands that comprise an MGET or MPUT block (such as LIST, GET, PUT, CD). If an error is encountered in any of the commands in the series, the script will stop after it finishes the complete MGET or MPUT command series. To allow the script to process further commands, change SET-ABORT-ON-ERROR to NO.

The CONTINUE command does not apply to drag-and-drop file operations.


Tells Reflection to ignore all file transfer errors, as if every subsequent MGET and MPUT command were preceded by a CONTINUE.


Reverses the ON option.


This sequence of commands instructs Reflection FTP to ignore any error in the next MPUT command. Without CONTINUE, the MPUT command aborts if an error occurs during the transfer.



See ABORT-ON-ERROR Script Sample for an additional example.