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Transfer Files with FTP Client

You can transfer files in the FTP Client with a simple drag and drop operation.You can drag individual files, multiple files, and entire folders.

To transfer files with FTP Client

  1. Connect to an FTP site.
  2. Specify a transfer method (Tools > Transfer Method).
  3. Set the preference for handling existing files. (Tools > If File Exists).

    Note: Additional file transfer settings are available from the Site Properties dialog box. You can use these site-specific properties to configure file transfer.

  4. Browse to locate the files or folders you want to transfer and the destination location.
  5. Select the files or folders you want to transfer and drag them from the source location to your desired destination.

Note: If you prefer to transfer files using FTP (or SFTP) file transfer commands, you can initiate transfers directly from the FTP command line.

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