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Add a Smart File Transfer Type

Use the Smart transfer method if you want the FTP Client to determine which transfer method to use (ASCII, Binary, Tenex, or Ask User) based on the source file extension. When performing a Smart file transfer, the client refers to the list of Smart file types to determine what transfer method to use for the current file. You can add file types to the default Smart file types list, or change the file transfer method used for existing file types. For example, you might specify that files with names ending in .doc use the Binary transfer method.

To add a new Smart file transfer type

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. Click the File Types tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Use the following settings from the Add Smart File Type dialog box to define a new file type:

    For this setting

    Do this

    File type

    Type the file type extension that identifies this file type, or select a file type from the list.

    Transfer method

    Select a transfer method for files of this type.

    This setting determines how files of this type are saved, and any data manipulation that should be performed during the transfer.


  • To define a transfer method for files that don't have an extension, choose <none> in the File type box, and then select a transfer method.
  • If a file extension might identify files of several types, you can specify Ask User as the transfer method for that extension.

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