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Add a New Site to your Connection List

Use the Connect to FTP Site dialog box to add new sites to your connection list.

To add a new FTP or SFTP site to your connection list

  1. Start the FTP Client.

    This opens the Connect to FTP Site dialog box. (If the FTP Client is already running and this dialog box is not open, go to Connection > Connect.)

  2. Click New to start the Add FTP Site Wizard.
  3. Type the host name or IP address of the FTP (or SFTP) server and click Next.
  4. Specify whether to log in with a user name or using an anonymous login. (Anonymous logons are not allowed for SFTP connections.)
  5. (Optional) To configure additional site properties, click Advanced in the Login Information panel.
  6. (Optional) To configure a secure connection, click Security in the Login Information panel.

    Note: You can also modify the security and other properties later. To do this select the site in the Connect to FTP Site dialog box and click Security or Properties.

  7. If you are configuring a connection for a registered user, you'll see the FTP User Login panel. Type your user name. You can also save your password encrypted text in the settings file.
  8. In the Connect panel, enter a descriptive name for this site. This name is used in the Connect to FTP Site dialog box.
  9. Specify whether you want to connect to the site now and click Finish.
  10. From the File menu, click Save to save this change to the current settings file.

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