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What's New?

Reflection 2011 Release 2 includes several major new features:

  • New Information Privacy features allow you to mask credit card numbers and other sensitive data on screens and in productivity features.
  • The Reflection Workspace can now be configured for a Browser Mode user interface. The new user interface provides a familiar look and feel while maximizing terminal emulation real estate.
  • The new Terminal User Control in the Reflection .NET API allows you to embed Reflection sessions in standard Windows forms applications.

Information Privacy

To help your organization meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, Reflection can automatically protect credit/debit card data that is entered or stored on host screens or in productivity features, such as Screen History. Reflection’s Information Privacy feature is designed to provide a flexible solution that meets your requirements for handling sensitive data. Using Information Privacy, you can:

  • Mask sensitive information in terminal emulation sessions.
  • Mask sensitive information as it is typed.
  • Comply with PCI DSS requirements by masking credit card data.
  • Require secure, encrypted connections for all connections (or for wireless only).

For more, see Information Privacy.

Browser Interface Mode

If you prefer an interface that uses a minimal amount of screen real estate, you can configure Reflection to use the new Reflection Browser interface in place of the Reflection Ribbon. The Reflection Browser has a look and feel that is similar to the latest Web browser interfaces where use of screen real estate is maximized. It provides the same functionality as the Ribbon and also provides additional ways to access commands and connect to hosts. (See Using the Browser.)

The Reflection button

Terminal User Control

The Reflection API's new Terminal User Control can be embedded in your Windows applications to provide a terminal screen on a Windows form along with another application or a different data source.

This terminal control is designed for .NET programmers to use and configure. After it is added to the Visual Studio project toolbox, it can be added to the form like any other control. For more about this control, see the Reflection 2011 .NET API Guide.