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Customize Microsoft Office Productivity Features

To customize productivity features

  • With a session open in Reflection, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click Document settings button.



    Productivity defaults

    Configure whether Recent Typing, Auto Complete, Auto Expand, and Spell Check are enabled by default.

    Screen History

    Set the maximum screens to capture, whether to capture manually only, and whether to clear screen history when disconnected.

    Office tools

    Specify PowerPoint presentation and Word templates.

    Note: If you specify templates, you will need to deploy the template files.

    Recent Typing

    Set the number of words to remember and whether to clear the list when disconnected.

    Auto Complete

    Configure Suggestions and whether to overwrite or insert suggestions.

    Auto Expand

    Set definitions for abbreviations you want to expand.

    Spell Checking

    Specify a custom dictionary and other options.