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Proxy Tab (Secure Shell Settings)

Getting there

Use the Proxy tab to enable proxy use for Reflection Secure Shell sessions.

The options are:


No proxy is configured. (This is the default.)


Select SOCKS to configure a Secure Shell connection through a SOCKS proxy.


Select HTTP to configure a Secure Shell connection through an HTTP proxy.



Configure proxy server settings.


  • For Secure Shell connections, proxy use is enabled for the currently specified SSH config scheme using the Proxy setting in the Secure Shell configuration file. The proxy server address is stored in the Windows registry on a per-user basis and applies to all Reflection sessions.
  • In the Reflection FTP Client, the Security Properties dialog box includes tabs for both SOCKS configuration and Secure Shell configuration. You cannot use the SOCKS tab of the Security Properties dialog box to configure SOCKS proxied connections when you have enabled Use Reflection Secure Shell on the Secure Shell tab. To configure your SOCKS proxy, use the SOCKS setting on the Proxy tab of the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box.