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Incorrect Network Address

Possible causes for this error message:

  • Problem: The Hosts file may contain the incorrect address for the Kerberos host.

    Solution: Verify that the Hosts file (on the server and the PC) contains the correct address for the Kerberos host.

  • Problem: The IP address for your PC may be incorrect.

    Solution: Verify that the IP address for your PC is correct.

  • Problem: If you use dynamic IP addressing, or if you switch between a local network connection and a wireless connection, your ticket-granting ticket may contain an old IP address.

    Solution: Clear your tickets, acquire a new ticket-granting ticket, and try the connection again.

  • Problem: If your network environment uses a firewall or Network Address Translation (NAT), and you have a valid ticket-granting ticket (TGT) in the credentials cache, but you receive an error when you request a service ticket from the KDC.

    Solution: Configure the IP address used in the TGT.

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