Install the API
Setting up the API Help
Typographical Conventions Used in this Guide
Copyrights and Notices
Overview of API Architecture
Getting Started
Specify Trusted Locations
Create an API Project
Build and Test a Program
Basic Programming Tasks
Create a New Session
Make a Session Visible in a View
Create a Session from an Existing Session File
Get Text from a Web Page
Get a View and its Session Using Title Text
Get the View that has Focus
Advanced Programming Tasks
Handling Host Timing and Screen Redraw Issues
Handling Events
Log Events
Log Credit Card Access
Integrate Web and Host Data
Build the Custom Application
Run the Custom Application
Getting Terminal and View Objects
Using the IBM Terminal User Control
Using the Open Systems Terminal User Control
Appendix A: Namespaces and Object Hierarchies
Namespaces for Reflection 2011 API
Object Hierarchies
IBM Terminal Emulation API
OpenSystems Terminal Emulation API
Internet Browser API
Appendix B: Sample Programs
Get Started (IBM)
Get Started (OpenSystems)
Create New Session (IBM)
Create New Session (OpenSystems)
Create Session From Existing Session File (IBM)
Create Session From Existing Session File (OpenSystems)
Make Session Visible (IBM)
Make Session Visible (OpenSystems)
Get the View in Focus (IBM)
Get the View in Focus (OpenSystems)
Get a Web Object
Control Multiple Reflection Frames
HTML Table
Get View and Session (IBM)
Get View and Session (OpenSystems)
Event Logger (IBM)
Main.cs (IBM)
Main.cs (OpenSystems)
MainDesigner.cs (IBM)
MainDesigner.cs (OpenSystems)
Program.cs (IBM)
Program.cs (OpenSystems)
ProgressBox.cs (IBM)
ProgressBox.cs (OpenSystems)
ProgressBox.Designer.cs (IBM)
ProgressBox.Designer.cs (OpenSystems)