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Log Credit Card Access

You can fire the CreditCardRecognized event whenever a credit card is displayed. You can handle this event to create logs or perform other actions required for compliance.

Note: This event is fired only when a Primary Account Number (PAN) is displayed in its entirety ("in the clear"). It is not fired when only redacted PANs are displayed.

To log credit card access

  1. In the Reflection 2011 Workspace Settings window, click Set Up Information Privacy.
  2. Under Primary Account Number (PAN) Redaction Rules, make sure Enable Redaction is not selected.
  3. Under PCI DSS Rules, select Enable API events when PANs are viewed by the user.
  4. Set up the CreditCardRecognized event and event handler. This sample sends information from the CreditCardRecognized event to standard output.

     //Set up the event handler to get the data you want to collect

     void ibmTerminal_CreditCardRecognized(object sender, CreditCardRecognizedEventArgs e)


       Console.Write(("\n" + "Credit Card Number Viewed on Screen \n"

       + "Date and Time: " + e.DateTime.ToString() + " \n"

       + "Machine name: " + e.MachineName.ToString() + " \n"

       + "User ID: " + e.UserId.ToString() + " \n"

       + "Card number: " + e.RedactedAccountNumber + "\n"));



      //Attach the event handler to the IbmTerminal object's CreditCardRecognized event,

      //where ibmTerminal is an instance of IbmTerminal.

      ibmTerminal.CreditCardRecognized += new CreditCardRecognizedEventHandler(ibmTerminal_CreditCardRecognized);