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Setting up the API Help

If you install Attachmate Reflection 2011 with the Application Programmer Interface feature selected on a system that has Visual Studio, the Reflection 2011 Help is automatically merged with the Visual Studio Help. You can access the Reflection 2011 Help directly from the Microsoft Help viewer or by selecting an API element in your code and pressing F1.

If you install Visual Studio after you install Reflection 2011, you will need to merge the Reflection 2011 Help with Visual Studio.

If you cannot access the Help

  • Make sure Visual Studio is set to use local Help. (You can view the Reflection 2011 Help only when you are using local Help.)

To merge the Reflection 2011 Help with Visual Studio

  1. On the Start menu, right click on Visual Studio and select Run as Administrator.
  2. On the Visual Studio Help menu, choose Manage Help Settings.
  3. In the Help Library Manager, select Install content from disk.
  4. In the Location of help media box, enter the following file:

    ...\Program Files\Attachmate\Reflection\apiHelp\helpcontentsetup.msha

  5. In the Install Content from Disk dialog box, next to Reflection 2011 .NET API Reference, click Add.
  6. Click Update and then accept the Attachmate certificate.