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Typographical Conventions Used in this Guide



New Project

Words that appear in bold type in procedures indicate commands and other interface elements.


Text in brackets indicates a variable.

see Reflection 2011 API Architecture.

Text displayed in italic indicates a cross-reference. To jump to the cross-referenced sample program or topic, press Ctrl + the page number.

Italic is also used to introduce the first use of key or technical terms, and in text strings to display text that requires user input (for example, user_name).

Courier type

This type style is used to indicate code samples and user input.


Code displayed in this color indicates a type or object.


Code displayed in this color indicates a key word.

"C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserName\"

Code displayed in this color indicates a text string. These strings must be entered exactly as shown (except for words displayed in italic, which require user input).

//For a 3270 session

Text in this color and preceded by // indicates that you should treat the remainder of the line as a comment.