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Create an API Project

Each task in this guide requires a new Visual Studio 2005 project that's configured to use the application program interface.

To create an API project

  1. Install Reflection 2011 or the Reflection 2011 API.
  2. Create a root-level folder for your API projects (for example C:\MyProjects).
  3. In Visual Studio, choose File > New > Project.
  4. Under Project types, expand Visual C# and select Windows, and under Templates, select Console Application.
  5. Type Get Started in the Name box.
  6. Select the Create directory for solution box, click Browse to select your API projects folder (for example, C:\MyProjects), and then click OK.
  7. In the Solution Explorer pane, right-click the References node, and choose Add Reference.
  8. On the .NET tab, Shift-select all of the available class assemblies, and then click OK:

    Note: Reflection 2011 Standard Suite includes seven class assemblies. Other versions of Reflection 2011 may include fewer class assemblies.








  9. If you intend to run your custom applications on a 64-bit operating system, specify 32 bits for all of your Reflection applications before you build them. With the Get Started project selected in the Solution Explorer pane, from the Project menu, choose Properties. Click the Build tab, and under General, click the Platform Target drop-down menu and select x86.

    The project is now ready for you to build and test a sample program.