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Auto-Detect Tab (Transfer Settings Dialog Box)

Getting there

Use the Auto-detect tab to associate a filename extension (five characters or less) with a transfer type. When you send a file, it is transferred using the transfer type you specify.

Reflection comes with default extension associations. For example, the extension .txt is associated with the ASCII file type — when a .txt file is transferred, it is transferred as an ASCII file.

You can associate additional filename extensions with a file transfer type by clicking Add.

Auto-detect options



Click to show the Add Auto-detect Extension dialog box, from which you can add filename extensions to a selected transfer type.



Click to remove the selected extension.


Transfer type for undefined extensions

To associate all files to this transfer method by default, select ASCII, Binary, Image, Scan or Ask user. Only those files that are already associated with a file transfer type are exempted.

If you are unsure about which transfer method to associate to the files you transfer, you have two choices:

  • Select Scan to have Reflection determine the file transfer type without your input.


  • Select Ask User, and then from the Ask User dialog box, select the transfer method you want.

    Note: If you are transferring a file that contains double-byte characters, select ASCII or Binary, not Scan.

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