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Mainframe Tab (Transfer Settings Dialog Box)

Getting there

The options are:




Select the operating system the host is running.


Startup command

Type the name of the host program to be issued by Reflection to initiate a file transfer. The default value, IND$FILE, is appropriate for CMS and TSO hosts.

For CICS hosts, IND$FILE may be appropriate, or you may need to specify your site's CICS transaction (for example, CFTR).

When working with double-byte characters, use APVUFILE.


Configure advanced options for the selected host system type (CICS, CMS, or TSO).

Structured field transfer


Max field size

Select a buffer value (other than Disabled) to have Reflection use the Write Structured Field protocol. As a rule, the larger the buffer size, the faster the transfer. However, if you select a value that is too large for your host, it will disconnect your session when you first attempt to send a file big enough to fill the buffer.

This option is relevant for IND$FILE, APVUFILE and DISOSS transfers.

Timeout (in seconds)



Set the amount of time Reflection should wait for a host response when attempting to connect. Select a value between 1-9999.



Set the amount of time Reflection should wait for a host response. Select a value between 1-9999.

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