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Add a Keyboard Shortcut

You can create keyboard shortcuts that perform any assignable action during a Reflection session. For example, using the Keyboard Mapper, you can select a standard action, such as Send Text or Launch Application, or you can create a macro or complex sequence of actions that you assign to a keystroke.

To add a keyboard shortcut

  1. With a session open in Reflection, click the Tools tab, and then click Keyboard Mapper.
  2. Under Map Keys, enter a keystroke (for example, CTRL+K).

    Note: Avoid using keystrokes already defined in the keyboard map.

  3. Assign an action by doing one of the following:
    • From the Select Action menu, choose a task (for example, Launch Application).


    • Click the Select Action button, and from the Select Action dialog box, specify an action or action sequence.
  4. Enter parameters for the action, if required, and then click OK.
  5. Save your changes to a custom keyboard map file.

    The new keyboard shortcut appears in the table under Keyboard Mapper.

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