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Configuring Input and Text Handling

When you create a new session document, it is automatically configured to use the default input settings for that host. You can configure your session to use different settings, or you can customize those settings and create your own keyboard map, mouse map, and clipboard settings.

Productivity features such as Auto Complete and Auto Expand provide additional ways to customize input and text handling.

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Clear the Clipboard on Close

Quick Keys

Select Action Dialog Box

Configure Clipboard Settings Dialog Box (3270 and 5250)

Configure Clipboard Settings Dialog Box (VT)

Manage Hotspots Dialog Box

Select a Hotspots File Dialog Box

Modify Hotspots Dialog Box

Hotspot Options Dialog Box

Set Up Hotspot Display Settings Dialog Box

Create a New Hotspots File Dialog Box

Specify which Dialog Box to Open when Reflection Starts

Set Up a Workspace Startup Action Sequence

Terminal Settings