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Modify Hotspots Dialog Box

Getting there

From this dialog box, you can change the way the mouse works in Reflection. The session document uses the configured hotspots file until you reconfigure it.


  • Additional hotspots options are available in the Set Up Hotspot Display Settings dialog box.
  • A mouse map provides additional ways to control the way your mouse works in a terminal session.

Map Hotspot

Define and add hotspots to the hotspots file using the following options:

Hotspot text

Type a text string, up to 80 characters, to identify the hotspot. Reflection creates a hotspot wherever this text string is encountered in your host application.

You can have multiple hotspots that use the same text string but invoke different actions, depending on the location of the hotspot on the screen or other characteristics of the hotspot.

Select Action

Select an action to associate with the specified hotspot text.

Hotspot Mapper

The hotspot mapper shows all defined hotspot text and their associated actions, which you can modify or delete.

The list shows the order in which hotspots are evaluated. If the same hotspot appears multiple times with different definitions, Reflection uses the definition that's evaluated first. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order.



Opens the Hotspot Options dialog box, from which you can modify the characteristics of the hotspot, including the action associated with the hotspot text.



Removes the selected hotspot from the hotspot map.

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