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Add Controls to the Ribbon

With the UI Designer, you can add tabs, groups, buttons, and menus to the Ribbon. You can implement most tasks as a button control, a menu item, or as a combination of the two.

Button groups have the most flexibility of all controls because they can include both buttons and menus. If you need more space for controls, you may want to create a new tab, and add groups to it. A group is a structure to which you can add buttons, button groups, and menus.

To access the UI Designer, select the Appearance ribbon, and then, from the Menus group, click the UI Designer button.


Insert this type of control

Perform a single task or action


Run a macro


Add a group of three buttons

Button group

Perform an action and open a menu

Split button

Add a menu of options, thumbnails, or commands


Open a dialog box from a group

Dialog launcher

Create a container to which you can add other controls, such as buttons, button groups, and split buttons


Create a new category on the Ribbon for custom controls


Note: The UI Designer is just one way to create controls — the Context Menu Editor, Keyboard Mapper, Mouse Mapper, and Hotspots provide other ways for you to run favorite macros and actions.