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Enter Data with Recent Typing

Using the Recent Typing gallery or task pane, you can quickly view and select from a list of recently typed items, and send the selected string to the active document. This eliminates the need to manually re-enter information, saving time, and reducing errors when entering commonly-typed commands or field data.


  • This feature is not available with VT sessions.
  • Typing is not captured in hidden-text fields such as passwords.

To enter data with Recent Typing

  1. Navigate to the host field where you want to input the data.
  2. Open the Recent Typing gallery or task pane.
  3. Double-click the string you want to input.

The following commands are also available from the toolbar in the Recent Typing task pane:


To do this


Open a previously saved Recent Typing file.


Save the contents of the Recent Typing task pane as a file (.RRTL). When you close your session, your recent typing items are not maintained unless you save them to a separate file.


Delete the selected item.

Clear All

Clear all of the contents at once.


Put the task pane into auto-hide mode. This collapses the task pane against the side of the application frame. (To re-open the task pane, mouse over the side of the frame.)

Note: You can use the keyboard to locate (and select) recently typed items in the list. For example, press the A key to locate the most recently typed item beginning with the letter A.

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