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View Settings Dialog Box (Printer Sessions)

Getting there

The View Settings dialog box lists all your current printer session settings. This list includes all settings you can configure using any printer session dialog box, and some additional settings that can only be set from the View Settings dialog box.

You can use the View Settings dialog box to check the current value of a setting, change its value, find out what values can be used, or view help for a setting. You can also find out which settings have been changed from their default values.

When you change a setting in the View Settings dialog box, the corresponding setting in a the printer session dialog box (if there is one) changes also. For example, if you change the value of Auto Connect from No to Yes, the Auto connect check box in the Session Setup dialog box is selected.

The options are:



Enter text to quickly locate settings whose name includes that text.


Reflection settings

Lists printer settings. You can filter this list using the Search and Display settings options.


Display settings

Filters the list so you can view only settings that have been changed from their default values.


Setting details

Shows the value of the currently selected setting.



Displays this help topic.


Setting help

Displays information about the currently selected setting.

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