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Print Setup Dialog Box

Getting there (host screen printing)

Getting there (printer emulation)

The options are:



Select a printer from this list of printers currently connected to your computer.


Click to set printer-specific options.

Status, Type, Where, Comment

These read-only fields describe the selected printer.

Print to file


Print to file

Select to send output to a file instead of a printer.


Print output to

Type the path and filename for the output file.


If file exists

Select what to do when the output file already exists in the target location.


Bypass Windows print driver

Select to send raw data (including printer control escape codes) directly to your printer. Output is sent to the printer immediately, instead of waiting for a whole page of information, and the Windows printing interface is bypassed.

If you're bypassing Windows printing to a PostScript printer, the results may not be what you expect. PostScript printers are controlled by PostScript commands, which are typically sent to the printer from a PostScript printer driver.


Click to connect to a shared network printer.

Multiple screens per page

Auto formfeed

Select to add a form feed between each screen print.

Close printer manually

Select to send multiple screen prints to a spool file and then print them all at once. (The spool file is sent to the printer when you click the Close Printer button on the status bar.)

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