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5250 Printer Device Initialization Dialog Box

Getting there

Create and initialize 3812 printer devices on your AS/400 host.

The options are:


Message library

Select the library that contains the message queue for exception messages. Consult your system administrator before changing this value.


Message queue

Select the message queue to which exception messages should be sent. For example, the AS/400 may need to tell the printer to switch to another paper tray. Consult your system administrator before changing this value.


Font typestyle ID

Select the default font typestyle to use for printing.


Forms mode

Select the way forms are fed into the printer.




To feed




Single-cut sheets into the printer automatically.




Continuous forms into the printer automatically.




Single-cut sheets into the printer manually.

Host Print Transform


Host print transform

Select to specify the manufacturer type and model, the paper sources, and the envelope source on your AS/400 print device.


Manufacturer type

Select a printer manufacturer type and model. This must match a manufacturer type and model string defined on the AS/400. If your printer does not appear in the list, ask your system administrator for the string identifying your printer, and type it in.

If you select a printer that begins with *WSCST, you must also specify the Workstation Customizing Object Name and Library, which the AS/400 will use to print jobs.


Paper source 1

Select the primary paper source on the host printer. You can specify a particular paper size or one of the following:




To do this




Substitute the value most common for your printer.




No paper source is specified.




Use the currently configured host value.



Windows Printer

Use the value specified by the default Windows printer.


Paper source 2

Select the secondary paper source on the host printer.


Envelope source

Select the envelope source on the host printer.



Type the name of a workstation customizing (WSCST) object that gives the AS/400 information about the functions supported by your ASCII printer.



Select the location of the WSCST object.

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