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Trace Buffer Size (KB)

Getting there

This setting specifies whether Reflection uses a buffer when writing to a trace file, and if so, the size of that buffer (in kilobytes). By creating a trace buffer, you can speed up the trace. However, if Reflection shuts down unexpectedly, some trace data may not be written to the trace file.

When set to 0 (default), no buffer is used during tracing. Reflection opens the trace file, appends the data, and then closes the trace file for each trace record. When set to greater than zero, trace data is written first to the trace buffer and then copied to the trace file on disk when the buffer is full. The trace file is closed only after the trace is stopped.

Note: The buffer size is calculated after compression. This means that if Trace Buffer Size is set to 100 and Trace Compression Type is set to use Huffman compression (default), approximately 200 KB of data will be transmitted before the data is written to the trace file.