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Telnet Environment

Getting there

When you establish a 5250 terminal or printer session, specific information is sent to the AS/400 to configure your session. When you connect over Telnet, you can pass additional information at connect time as input to an Exit program on the AS/400. Use the Telnet Environment setting to send this additional information. Enter a string of up to 260 characters, using the following format:

keyword=value; keyword=value; keyword=value

Using Telnet Environment with Auto SignOn

When Auto SignOn is set to Yes, Reflection automatically signs on to the host using the current user name and password. You can set Telnet Environment to specify additional, non-default sign-on options using any of the following keywords in the Exit program string:

This keyword


Equivalent Sign-on Menu Option


The program to call.



The initial menu.



The current library.

Current library

Note: Because this information is sent at the time you connect, you cannot change this setting while you are connected.