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Hosts File Name

Getting there

Specify the path to the Hosts file (up to a maximum of 260 characters), which maps assigned node names to Internet addresses. Reflection changes the value of this setting when it finds a Hosts file.

Reflection searches for the Hosts file in the following locations (in order):

  • In the same path as Wsock32.dll
  • If the System or System32 folder of the operating system's root folder
  • In the folder where Reflection is installed
  • The current folder
  • In the operating system's root folder
  • The folders in your Path statement

If Reflection cannot find the Hosts file in any of locations in the preceding list, this field remains blank. To locate a Hosts file on your PC, from the View Settings dialog box, select Hosts File Name and click the Browse button, or use the operating system's Find feature.

Note: Windows TCP/IP software must be able to locate the Hosts file in the Winnt\System32\Drivers\Etc folder before Reflection can generate a list of hosts.