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Authenticate Dialog Box

Getting there

From this dialog box, you can authenticate the named principal, modify the ticket lifetime or renewal time, and enable ticket forwarding. Ticket forwarding and renewable tickets settings apply to the current connection only.

After you authenticate to a particular realm, you can connect to any host in that realm without having to re-type your password, unless you change any ticket options.

The options are:

Ticket lifetime

Specify the period of time for which your ticket-granting ticket is valid. Changes you make to this value affect the current ticket only and override the default value, which uses the ticket lifetime from the Realm Defaults tab. The Key Distribution Center (KDC) determines the lifetime of a Kerberos ticket and overrides requests that fall outside of the allowed range.

Forwardable tickets

Select this option to allow the TGT to be forwarded to another host and to get service tickets for additional services in the current connection.

Renewable duration

Specify a time interval for renewable tickets for the current connection. You must also click Renew ticket on the principal profile tab to renew your ticket for the specified interval. If the interval is set to zero, the ticket is not renewable.

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