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Introducing Reflection FTP Client

Reflection FTP Client enables you to connect to FTP sites and quickly transfer files using the FTP protocol. It includes the following features:

  • A split pane view allows you to browse for both local and server files. View menu options allow you to select the display preferences you prefer for viewing files.
  • Use standard Windows drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste operations to transfer files between the server and your PC.
  • The FTP Client supports a variety of security protocols, including SOCKS, SSL/TLS, Kerberos, Secure Shell, and firewall servers.
  • The FTP Site Wizard leads you through the steps necessary to configure your FTP site. To launch the wizard, click New in the Connect to FTP Site dialog box.
  • The FTP Client automatically recognizes most common FTP servers. Troubleshooting options for problem servers include support for creating simplified file lists and the Directory Definition Wizard.
  • An optional command window allows you to view all messages sent between the FTP Client and server. In this view, you can also communicate with the FTP server by entering standard FTP commands directly on a command line.
  • Smart file transfer allows FTP client to automatically recognize which transfer method (ASCII or Binary) is appropriate for specified types of files.
  • A script recorder allows you to capture actions you take using the FTP Client as command scripts and to play back those scripts to automate connections and file transfers.
  • OLE Automation support allows you to script FTP transfers from external applications.

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