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Confirm File Replace Dialog Box

When If File Exists is set to Ask User, this dialog box opens each time a client or server file being transferred already exists on the destination. The options are:


Append server file to local file

Append the downloaded file to the destination file. This option is only available for transfers from the host.


Overwrite local/server file

Overwrite the destination file.


Skip this file

Do not transfer this file. If additional files are specified for this transfer operation, continue with the next file.


Copy to a different name

Type in the new filename to use in the destination folder, and click OK.


Copy using a unique name

Automatically create a unique name for the destination file. The names of any files that are renamed during the transfer operation are shown in the FTP command window.


Update local/server file if older

Overwrite the destination file only if the file being transferred is newer than the destination file.

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