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Configure Kerberos from a Settings File

You can configure the Reflection Kerberos client from a configuration file or a registry file. If the system administrator added a configuration file to your PC at installation, the Reflection Kerberos client is automatically configured the first time you start Kerberos Manager or Reflection. The configuration file is protected by a checksum that prevents manual changes to the file.

To import the Kerberos settings from a configuration file

  1. On the PC being used to import the file, place a copy of Rsckrb5.xml in a Reflection folder located in either the common application data folder or the user-specific application data folder.
  2. Start Kerberos Manager.
  3. From the Tools menu, choose Import Settings.

To import Kerberos settings from a registry file

  1. Make sure Regedit.exe is installed on your system. This executable is installed by default with the Windows operating system.
  2. Place a copy of the registry entry (*.reg) file on the user's PC.
  3. Double-click the registry entry (*.reg) file to import the settings to the Windows registry.

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