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Installation Logging

By default the installer creates a log file and deletes the file if the installation is successful. The installation log file, which provides details about the installation, is saved in the user's temp directory(%tmp%) with a generated name that begins with atm. To open this folder, launch the Start menu Run command and enter %tmp%.

To create or disable an installation log file

  1. Run the Attachmate Installation Program.

    If you install from

    Do This

    A download site

    Click the download link, and then run the download program. Select a location for the installer files, and then click Next. This extracts the files to the specified location and starts the Attachmate Installation Program.

    An administrative installation image

    From the administrative installation point, double-click the setup.exe file.

  2. From the Advanced tab, select or clear Create a log file for this installation. If you create a log file, you can select Delete log file if install succeeds if you want to keep the log file only if the installation fails.
  3. Click Install Now.