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Creating and Editing Transforms

Using the Attachmate Customization Tool, you can create standard MSI transforms that modify the primary installer database. You can also open and edit existing .mst files that you have already created for this product using the Attachmate Customization Tool.

After you create the transform, you must include it in the install. Transforms can be used with any install started with setup.exe or with command-line installs (used by many deployment tools). The installer can only apply transforms during an installation.


  • To use a transform file with SETUP.EXE, from the User interface panel, select Use this customization with interactive installs using setup.exe. When you save your transform with this option selected, Attachmate Customization Tool automatically updates the SETUP.INI file to apply your transform to the Reflection installation.
  • To install the specified customization, you should save transform files in the same folder as the package file for Reflection, and reference them during installation.
  • For more information about creating and deploying transforms, see Technical Note 2369.

Supported modifications include:

  • Install location
  • User interface level — silent or interactive (requires setup.exe and setup.ini)
  • Feature states, including hidden features
  • Modification or removal of shortcuts
  • Optional upgrades of older products
  • Chaining of other installs, or execution of programs before or after the primary install (requires setup.exe and setup.ini)
  • Modifying Windows Installer properties

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