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Panels for Creating and Editing Transform Files

Getting there

Using the Attachmate Customization Tool, you can create standard MSI transforms that modify the primary installer database. You can also open and edit existing .mst files that you have already created for this product using the Attachmate Customization Tool.

After you create the transform, you must include it in the install. Transforms can be used with any install started with setup.exe or with command-line installs (used by many deployment tools). The installer can only apply transforms during an installation.

The options are:


Install location and organization name
Specify the default installation folder on the user's computer.


Licensing and session metering
Accept license agreement and define session metering options for installation.


User interface
Choose User Interface options for installation.


Remove previous installations
Remove Previous Installations.


Add installations and run programs
Add, modify or remove additional product installations and run programs.


Modify setup properties
Set properties for Setup to apply during the installation.


Set feature installation states
For each feature, click to select the installation state.


Configure shortcuts
Modify shortcuts for this product.


Add registry data
Specify registry data to add to the user's computer during installation.


Modify application Settings
Make changes to application settings on the computer where the customization file is installed.

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